Gait Analysis in Wallington


Do you get pain in your lower back, hips, knees or feet after long periods of standing or walking? Have you ever wondered if you have a flat foot? Or a high arch? Then our Gait Analysis is for you.

Using this advanced tool gives us an advanced insight into your biomechanics. It uses thousands of responsive sensors to provide high accuracy dynamic and static scanning to identify any dysfunction that could be originating your feet.

What will be involved in my Gait Analysis?

  1. Your Osteopath will assess your foot, knee, hip and lumbar spine joints, if they haven’t already in your treatment sessions.
  2. They will then get you to walk over the gait scan plate numerous times to get an accurate and consistent

Based on what is identified during the physical assessment and your gait scan results, your osteopath will discuss the best options for you, which may include the need for prescription orthotics to support and manage your foots biomechanics.

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