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Elbow Pain & Osteopathy

Osteopathy treatment for elbow pain is an effective way give you pain relief and back doing the things you love. Below you can learn more about common elbow conditions Osteopaths treat.

Tennis Elbow (Also known as Lateral  Epicondylitis) is a condition that causes pain on the
outside of the elbow.
This can occur when the tendons are repetitively exposed to pressure from the
surrounding joints, such as the shoulder, elbow and wrist. The pressure results in the
tendon suffering micro- tears causing symptoms such as pain on the outside of the elbow
and weakened grip.
Contrary to what the name suggests, this injury in not just for those who play racquet
sports such as tennis, squash or badminton. Tennis Elbow commonly very affect those
working in the manual labour sector, such as builders, painters and electricians.
Nonetheless, it can also affect desk workers who do repetitive movements that overexert
tendons on the outside of the wrist.
Osteopathy can help with tennis elbow by using a variety of techniques, from soft tissue
release to shockwave or Ultrasound therapy, dependant on what your Osteopath feels is
best for you, and offer advice to stop the pain from returning.

Golfers Elbow (Also known as Medial epicondylitis) is a condition that causes pain on the
inside of the elbow. This condition involves the same mechanisms as Tennis elbow,
however the movements that causes this pain is slightly different that of Tennis elbow.
Although this condition is less common than tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow is often
experienced by those play golf, playing an instrument or overuse of the computer.
Osteopathy can help to treat the elbow pain through using a variety of techniques, from
soft tissue release to shockwave or Ultrasound therapy, dependant on what your
Osteopath feels is best for you, and offer advice to stop the pain from returning. 



Majuran Sugu (Maju)
Majuran Sugu (Maju)
I recently had a fantastic experience with Melissa at MDOsteo. As someone who has struggled with chronic back pain for years, I have seen numerous specialists and therapists, but Melissa’s approach worked wonders on me. She was highly informative in helping me understand the issues i was having and also takes the time to listen. Booking an appointment was easy, and I appreciated the flexibility in scheduling. Overall, I highly recommend Melissa and MDOsteo to anyone in the Wallington area looking for treatment for their musculoskeletal issues.
Ian Barnes
Ian Barnes
Melissa was great. I first contacted her as an emergency with a lower back problem and she was able to see me at very short notice. Melissa quickly diagnosed the problem and provided a clear idea of my recovery plan and likely timescales. Session by session my back improved, and true to her original estimate, was totally resolved after a few sessions. I'd highly recommend Melissa, and will definitely be calling her again if I have any future issues. Thank you for fixing me!!
james coyne
james coyne
I went to Mellisa with a ruptured Plantar Fascia and could not put my foot down on the floor. Within 3 weeks of shock therapy, i was able to move around pretty well, and within 4 weeks, was walking again. I highly recommend Mellisa, for her professional and friendly attitude.
Jennie Henderson
Jennie Henderson
I have been seeing Melissa for around six months now and can honestly say I have never been so comfortable. I have a long standing issue with my lower back which Melissa was able to treat and we now maintain my posture and alignment meaning for the first time ever I am pain free. Melissa is professional, practical, patient and thorough in her practice and I would highly recommend her services to everyone.
Jackie Tanner
Jackie Tanner
Melissa has helped me enormously - working her magic on my hip and base of spine. She explains everything very clearly so one knows what to except, Melissa is very professional whilst very friendly, putting one at ease. I highly recommend.
Joanne Naldrett
Joanne Naldrett
Melissa is amazing, she makes you feel relaxed and is so easy to chat to. Melissa has worked on my Plantar Fasciitis and recently on my son who plays rugby, she has worked miracles including last minute appointments to fix my son after a rugby injury. My son goes regularly and always leaves feeling great. We would highly recommend Melissa.
Jules Green
Jules Green
I found Melissa to be extremely professional and pin pointed my problem straight away. Would thoroughly recommend her.
Beats By AMR
Beats By AMR
Amazing osteopath! Melissa is attentive to your needs and provides the best service 🙂 I found her locally after suffering from muscle aches from Long COVID and she squeezed me in for our first appointment and I've improved significantly since! She is thorough in her investigations to help heal your ailments and I've never felt rushed at all!
Sabah Khan
Sabah Khan
Melissa is an incredibly thorough and professional osteopath. She examines your body as a whole and is able to make a wide-range of recommendations, such as orthotic treatments, which she also offers. Communication is always great and she tries her hardest to fit you in - even Sundays! Have highly recommended her to family and friends and certainly one of the best around in the area (having tried many of them!)
Laura Brodie
Laura Brodie
Careful and considerate skeletal manipulation due to pts condition and existing problems. I have been seeing Melissa for several months due to back and hip problems, I am now walking more upright, climbing stairs at a much faster rate, and managing to keep up with hubby on our walks. All in all great service and even have a minute for a giggle!!